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Registering as a merchant for Pagan Pride Day...

Any questions regarding vending (spaces, fees, deadlines, packet materials) can be emailed to David Braren at


Our rules for vending are very simple (and are also included in the registration packet above):

1. You are required to register for an occupational license with the City of New Orleans/State of Louisiana.  The license costs $50, is good for a full year, and is available at the Dept. of Revenue (at City Hall).  Licenses must be acquired by October 5th, 2014.


2. No sexually-explicit wares will be allowed in plain sight.  You are allowed to sell them, but you must have them underneath your tables and available by request.


3. This is a rain or shine event; therefore, no refunds will be granted past September 1st.


4. In addition to the registration fee, all vendors (except for non-profits) are required to submit one sellible item (of a $10 or more value) to GNOPPP for our swag bags.  For those who provide a service rather than a good (massage artists, energy movers, divinors), we ask that you submit a certificate worth at least $10 for your services.


5. Spaces provided are 10' x 10'.  If you wish to share the space with another vendor, their name and information must also be on the registration packet.

Support Pagan Pride Day by supporting our local Pagan businesses that have graciously agreed to vend their merchandise at our event:


Blue Phoenix Occult Store (4304 Magazine Street)


DragonWolf Designs (1125 N. Villere Street)


Art with Passion (PO Box 646, Magnolia, MS)


HEX Old World Witchery (1219 Decatur Street)


Kalisz Vallette Dining (5430 Hawthorne Place)

6.  If you would like more than one 10' x 10' space, you must pay additional fees.


7.  You must provide your own tables, chairs, and awnings/tent.


8. You may request particular places in the venue, but there are no guarantees we can accommodate you.  Certain exceptions would include handicapp accessibility.  If needed, please email L'Oreal Evans at


9. Set-up begins at 7:00 AM on October 11th and MUST be completed by 8:30 AM.  Vendors are not allowed to begin breaking down their booths until 5 PM.


10. We HIGHLY encourage merchants to give a donation of at least one of their products, so we can put it in our silent auction. Proceeds go towards next year's festival.

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