Join in the magic of Pagan Pride Day by bringing family and friends for shopping, dancing to music, and learning about Paganism from local and national speakers.  There are activities for the young ones, too!
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-Opening Ritual



-Sacred Rhythms: Brian Krohn

-Dance Medley

-Haggis Rampant

-Atlas Knelt

-Closing Ritual

Event Ends

-Hekate at the Crossroads: Yuri McGlinchey

-Roots of Traditional Witchcraft & Sorcery: Douglas Kincaid

-Planetary Magic: Peter Schram

-Ancestors in Magic & Devotion: Mallorie Vaudoise

-Hair & Glamour Magic: Kathryn Lane

-Walking an Earth-based Path: Debbie Jeffreys



-Recovery Dharma: Mary Hogan

-Norse Gods for Practical Heathenism: Alex VanBeber

-Modern Shamanism: Samuel Bowling

-Greencraft Stone Singing: Ryan Adams

-Tree Lore: Demetrius LaCroix

-Vending Area Opens



-Seeds of Persephone: Bee Hive Coven Table

-Connecting with our Lands: Bayou Grove Table

-Dousing Rods: Pagan Pride Table



-Astral Projection: Cottage Magick Table

-Gargoyle Types & Legend: Star & Crescent Table

Stage                         1st Class Space                2nd Class Space                  Vending Area










Stage: The stage will be in the center of Clouet Gardens.  The entertainment will add a mood-setting backdrop to the day's activities.

Class Areas: Classes will be held inside the Tigermen Den (directly across from the Gardens at 3113 Royal St.). 
Food & drinks will also be available in this air-conditioned venue.

Children's Area: Visit the Children's Grove (by the big oak in the back of Clouet Gardens) with your young ones
for a number of activities throughout the day.  We do ask that parents supervise their children during the event.

Opening Ritual

10:00AM at Clouet Gardens: Join GNO Pagan Pride board members as we honor the ancestors and plant the roots for the day.  We will use drumming to raise the energy under the big oak in the back of Clouet Gardens.  We will also be planting a tree to set our intentions of working together as a community.  Help us celebrate our roots!

Vending Area Opens

11:00AM at Clouet Gardens: Check out the amazing vendors, readers, and information tables scattered around Clouet Gardens.  There will be various demonstrations throughout the day, also.

Hekate: at the Crossroads of Paradox & Limanality

11:00am in Class Space 1: Who is Hekate?  Hekate Is the many faced Goddess whose name and influence stretches across vast epochs of time and cultures.  Join traditional witch Yuri McGlinchey as they weave together three primary source documents: the Orphic Hymn to Hekate, the Chaldean Oracles, and the Greek Magical Papyri, in an attempt to unveil this often enigmatic goddess. 

Recovery Dharma

11:30AM in Class Area 2: Recovery Dharma is a peer-led, grass-roots movement and community that uses the Buddhist practices and principles of Meditation, Self-Inquiry, Wisdom, Compassion, and Community as tools for recovery and healing from addictions of all kinds. Join Mary Hogan for a guided meditation and introduction to the program.  Mary uses the Buddha's Eightfold Path as a guide to changing behavior and healing the mind from the suffering of addiction works.

Sound Baths with Vimanas

12:00PM at Stage: Join Vimanas with their soothing, interstellar soundscapes as they prepare the space using sonic relaxation therapy. Vimanas will be available for personal sound bath sessions in the courtyard throughout the day.

Roots of Traditional Witchcraft & Sorcery

12:00PM in Class Area 1: The Roots of Traditional Witchcraft and Sorcery run deep within the many cultures and backgrounds of humanity. Spanning from east to west, the diaspora magico-folk traditions of Witchcraft and Sorcery are met with both hostility and tolerance. Come join author Douglas Kincaid for an eye-opening discussion about the past and the possibilities it means for the future.

Seeds of Persephone/Plant Magic Demo

12:00PM at Bee Hive Coven table:  Learn more about the Seeds of Persephone, a local seed exchange group.  Laticia Balser & Paige Mc Rae will also discuss the magical & practical aspects of growing plants.

Norse Gods for Practical Heathenism

12:30PM in Class Space 2:  Join Aleksandr Van Beber, CEO of Académie Gnostique, for an introductory discussion about the amazing worlds, gods, and spirits of the Old Norse pantheon.

Connecting With our Lands

12:30PM at Bayou Grove Table: Learn how to connect with yourself, your neighborhoods, and our special places. Join Druid Elders Richard Abbott and Dana Wiyninger with Bayou Grove in discussing ways to open yourself to basic energies, how to observe nature around you, and proper etiquette when communicating with spirits of the land.

Sacred Rhythms

1:00PM at the Stage: Brian Krohn will discuss the use of rhythms in spiritual practice, and teach some basic rhythms.  Bring a drum & join along!

Planetary Magic: Attuning to the Energy of the Seven Classical Planets to Affect your Reality

1:00PM in Class Area 1: Have you ever ran from Father Time or were drawn to the moon? Felt the effects of Mercury when it is in retrograde or even wished you could shine with confidence like the Sun? This planetary magick workshop will teach you how to attune to the energy of the seven classical planets as well as teach ritual ideas for you to use which will fuel your magick.

Taught by 3rd degree Wiccan priest Peter Schram of the Bee Hive Coven, you will learn what he has spent the last two years developing specific rituals to harness the energy of each of the seven classical planets. Join us and learn how to work with the energy of planets to cause change and power up your magick.

Dousing Rod Demonstration

1:00PM at the PPD table: Try your hand (and intuition) at using Dousing Rods.  Michael Eckhard will discuss how these magical tools work and give you the opportunity to use them to find hidden objects.

Modern Shamanism and the Journey to Now

1:30PM in Class Area 2: Modern shamanism is a gathering of cosmologies as well as basing its root work in what we now call Native American or aboriginal ways. Through the study of indigenous cultures and their rituals and practices, the true magic and alchemy of the world unfolds into a much larger construct then what we think we know. In many ways, it’s the building of the new world tribe, a whole new cosmology we are meant to write. Creating the next steps in our human evolution by understanding our past. With 25 years of spiritual studies and having worked and with known psychics, mediums, shamans, spiritual healers and Native American Elders, Samuel Bowling embraces his gift of visions, hands-on healing and channeling. His work comes from compassion and unconditional love. Join Samuel as he shares his journey.

Dance Medley

2:00PM at Stage: Join our talented belly dancers, Acro Yoga performers, and drummers for an amazing dance medley.

Ancestors in Magic & Devotion

2:00PM in Class Area 1: Everyone has ancestors: spirits of people who came before you, who now have a vested interest in your wellbeing. When properly attended to, they’re your first line of defense against physical and metaphysical threats. They’re your best source of advice when making important decisions. They’re a consistent source of good luck, new opportunities, and practical support. But most of us never learn how to develop our relationship with our ancestors and receive their guidance and blessings. Jumpstart your ancestor veneration practice with Mallorie Vaudoise, author of Honoring Your Ancestors: A Guide to Ancestral Veneration.

Greencraft Stone Singing

2:30pm in Class Area 2: Stone Singing is a form of active meditation, solitary or communal grounding and centering, and energy raising which focuses on establishing and furthering a relationship between the practitioner and the Earth as represented by stones. Come join Ryan Adams, 3rd Degree initiate of Greencraft Wicca, coven leader, and former Wiccan Distinctive Faith Group Leader (Army), for a hands-on class about this craft.

Haggis Rampant

3:00PM at Stage: Haggis Rampant returns with their incredible bag pipes!  They will also discuss the history of bag pipe music.

Hair & Glamour Magic

3:00PM in Class Area 1: Immerse yourself in a spiritual hair experience, join this class on hands-on hair magic, a form of glamour magic. You will learn natural tips for healthy hair and magical techniques to channel the hair's powerful energy of glamour according to the elements: earth, air, fire, water.  The first four to arrive will be hair models for the class. Kathryn has a 30-year eclectic witchcraft background and is a nationally-recognized intuitive spiritual reader of the Runes, cards, bones and palm.

Intro to Astral Projection

3:00PM at Cottage Magick Table: Join Asia Strong with Cottage Magick for a discussion on the basics of astral projection.

Tree Lore

3:30PM in Class Area 2: Trees like all things in nature hold a special potency, a hidden secret power.  Trees become lost in the fabric of spirituality, despite them being the largest living being in most areas of the world . Understanding the magical and spiritual lore of trees is invaluable information.  In this discussion Demetrius LaCroix will discuss the ideas different cultures have about the power of trees.  The discussion will cover many popular, local, and particular species of trees. 

Atlas Knelt

4:00PM at STAGE: Catch Atlas Knelt's experimental electronic ambient music for the searching soul while you are browsing the vendors.  

Following an Earth-based Path

4:00PM in Class Area 1: Walking an Earth-based path resonates with many of us, but where do you begin?  Join Debbie Jeffreys, High Priestess of Bee Hive Coven, for a discussion about how to find your own path.  Listening to your inner self, spirit guides, and ancestors plays a big role in this self-exploration.

Gargoyle Legend & Types

4:00PM at Star & Crescent Casting Table: Join Brian Stanley of Star & Crescent Casting for a discussion on Gargoyle legends and types.

Closing Ritual

5:00PM under the Big Oak: Join us as we close the day by celebrating the new growth and connections we have made throughout the day.  As our closing ritual, it will remind us to celebrate where we have come from and that we are all connected as one community.

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