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The Greater New Orleans Pagan Pride Day is a huge community event, and as such we reach out the community and rely on your help to make this event better and better each year.  There are a few huge ways that you can help:

The Greater New Orleans Pagan Pride Project holds several fundraising and community events prior to the Pagan Pride Day festival each year.  Help us make Pagan Pride Day a success by attending these events, too!

Our next event will be Pirates & Mermaids on the Mississippi.  This dinner cruise
will take place aboard the Paddlewheeler Creole Queen on Sunday, October 8. Tickets are available at:  
Get your tickets now, as we do plan to sell out!


As stated above, Pagan Pride Day is a community event, and we can't make it happen without community involvement.  As a non-profit organization we rely entirely on sponsorship from individuals, organizations, and businesses both inside and outside the Pagan world to hold PPD each year.  Your monetary donations are what help us be able to afford wonderful spaces like Washington Square Park, bring in Pagan authors and elders such as Selena Fox, Luisah Tesh, and River Higginbotham, and performers such as Tuatha Dea.  Your donations also go towards the things you might not think about: city permits, advertising, trash receptacles, and having bathrooms on site.  To the right we have three PayPal buttons: the first is for a predefined one-time donation, the second is for a monthly recurring donation, and the final is for you to donate what ever amount you feel comfortable donating.  Anyone who makes a donation of any denomination will be added to our Sponsors page here on the site as their first name and last initial (ex: John D./Jane D.) as a thank you but also to protect any privacy concerns any donor may have.  Feel free to contact us at if you wish for your donation to remain anonymous.  Thank you!


Some of the fundraiser and community events throughout the year require volunteer assistance to do various small duties in order to free-up our committee members to take care of the more involved parts of the evening.  This can range from things like keeping a head count at the door, collecting donations, or helping with the set-up and tear down for the event.

We also need volunteers on the days surrounding Pagan Pride Day to help us set-up things like tents, tables, and the stage; to help with duties such as keeping the event clean, working info tables, and running errands such as getting ice; as well as helping to clean up after the event and help with tear down. 


If you would like to offer your help, just fill out the form on our volunteer page.  When we need a volunteer for an event or when it gets closer to Pagan Pride Day, we'll send out an e-mail to our volunteers asking who can help out.


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