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Calling all Pagan and syncretic community groups

Pagan Pride Day serves a lot of purposes: it provides education about Pagan paths to people in the community who are interested, or who have the wrong idea of what Paganism is about; it serves as a lightning rod for activism in the community; it allows us to have a venue for our charitable services; and finally, it brings the whole community together in a united front, all in service of Pagan Pride. But this can't happen without you.

We need participation from the community groups in the area to make Pagan Pride Day whole. So we are calling on all the covens, groves, fraternal orders, sosyetes, circles, etc. to be a part of PPD by tabling at the event on October 8th from 10am to 6pm. Tabling allows you to bring information about your group to new people who may be searching for you, and to interact with other groups and make our community strong. The only requirement: do a fundraiser to donate funds to PPD. There is no minimum we ask for; just a love donation that shows you care about propelling our efforts further. If your donation hits a sponsorship amount, then your group gets all the publicity and perks associated with that sponsorship level!

Please contact us through this website or on our Facebook page ( to let us know you want to be involved!

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