Connect your energy to the Earth with morning yoga

Our 2016 Pagan Pride Day will commence with beginner/intermediate yoga, led by Haiyan Khan. Haiyan is the General Manager and Co-Owner of Swan River Community Center Yoga and Seva in Arabi, Louisiana. Haiyan's commitment to the community extends beyond teaching others to connect their prana in meditative yoga. In his personal time, he builds homeless shelters by hand. He is also a founding member of The Desmond Project, a non-profit dedicated to feeding the homeless. At Swan River, he teaches and organizes various levels of yoga. What makes his studio so amazing is that every class is based on donations, not exorbitant prices. Their focus is on empowering individuals through yoga and

Sponsor Pagan Pride this year

The New Orleans chapter of the Pagan Pride Project, Inc. began in 2012, with our first event in 2013. We were new to the scene, and wanted to bring all the amazing elements of our community together for a day that would celebrate our pride, our unity, and our spiritual purpose. Each year, we have grown a little bit larger and have been able to do a little bit more. Our charity to local non-profits has increased each year, we've been able to do more activities in the community that centered on interaction rather than fundraising, and this wouldn't be possible without organizations and businesses helping us along the way. In return, we use our position to help others increase the visibilit

Calling all Pagan and syncretic community groups

Pagan Pride Day serves a lot of purposes: it provides education about Pagan paths to people in the community who are interested, or who have the wrong idea of what Paganism is about; it serves as a lightning rod for activism in the community; it allows us to have a venue for our charitable services; and finally, it brings the whole community together in a united front, all in service of Pagan Pride. But this can't happen without you. We need participation from the community groups in the area to make Pagan Pride Day whole. So we are calling on all the covens, groves, fraternal orders, sosyetes, circles, etc. to be a part of PPD by tabling at the event on October 8th from 10am to 6pm. Tabl

Witchcraft & Whimsy Halloween Dinner Cruise set for October 28th

For one night only, celebrate Halloween aboard the Creole Queen benefiting the Greater New Orleans Pagan Pride Project. Come dressed in your best Halloween attire and enjoy dinner & drinks while cruising the Mississippi River. The enchanting Halloween experience will be completed with the haunting witch rock of The Long Losts. If Tim Burton hired Siouxsie Sioux and Johnny Ramone to write the soundtrack for a romantic movie that takes place at a haunted carnival on a Halloween night you would have the unique garage-goth-punk-rock sound of The Long Losts. A five-star Creole buffet will be served in our lavishly appointed room and cocktails will be available at the bar. Halloween is the witches

Rowena of the Glen will return to PPD

Rowena Whaling and her band, Rowena of the Glen, will be returning to Pagan Pride Day on October 8th! Rowena played at PPD's first ever Witchcraft & Whimsy Halloween Dinner Cruise, and helped to launch that fundraiser as a yearly event! Rowena was born into a theatrical family, and has a strong background in opera and dance. As a teenager, she lived right here in New Orleans, and eventually found her calling as a Witch. Since then, she has discovered that her powers lie in a combination of singing, songwriting, and poetry, all expressing her spirituality. She is also a published author, and released "Voices of the Stars" in 2015. You can listen to more of her music, including hits like

Bill Duvendack named as this year's featured speaker

The Reverend Bill Duvendack will be Pagan Pride Day's featured speaker! Rev. Duvendack comes to us from St. Louis, where he is an author, psychic, astrologer, and presenter. He has studied astrology and the western mysteries for over 28 years, and has lectured throughout the U.S. He is the president of the Astrological Association of St. Louis, and published his most recent book, "Vocal Magick," in 2015. Rev. Duvendack will be teaching two classes in Washington Square Park on October 8th (event schedule will be released soon), in addition to leading our closing ritual! Stay tuned for more updates!

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