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Sponsor Pagan Pride this year

The New Orleans chapter of the Pagan Pride Project, Inc. began in 2012, with our first event in 2013. We were new to the scene, and wanted to bring all the amazing elements of our community together for a day that would celebrate our pride, our unity, and our spiritual purpose. Each year, we have grown a little bit larger and have been able to do a little bit more. Our charity to local non-profits has increased each year, we've been able to do more activities in the community that centered on interaction rather than fundraising, and this wouldn't be possible without organizations and businesses helping us along the way. In return, we use our position to help others increase the visibility of their group or brand. It's a win-win!

We need sponsors this year to help make Pagan Pride a success. We have four sponsorship levels, and can create a custom sponsorship package for those willing to be a part of the magick of Pagan Pride. Please go to the link to learn more, and contact us soon!

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