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Connect your energy to the Earth with morning yoga

Our 2016 Pagan Pride Day will commence with beginner/intermediate yoga, led by Haiyan Khan. Haiyan is the General Manager and Co-Owner of Swan River Community Center Yoga and Seva in Arabi, Louisiana. Haiyan's commitment to the community extends beyond teaching others to connect their prana in meditative yoga. In his personal time, he builds homeless shelters by hand. He is also a founding member of The Desmond Project, a non-profit dedicated to feeding the homeless. At Swan River, he teaches and organizes various levels of yoga. What makes his studio so amazing is that every class is based on donations, not exorbitant prices. Their focus is on empowering individuals through yoga and other useful activities. They have over 1000 students, and have held over 3000 classes. You can find out more information about their programs at

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